Research Team

POSTECH 반도체기술융합센터, 연구교수

Sung-Min Ahn, Ph. D

Research Professor, CSTC, POSTECH

Research Interest

  1. Metal/Oxide (Metal oxide)/Magnetic thin film-based process (PVD/CVD/ALD) for texture-controlled MTJ integration
  2. Spin-dependent charge and thermal transport for spin-based low-energy magnetic devices
  3. Electronic reconstruction at interfaces between oxide superlattices with high conductivity property for low-energy magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs)
  4. Atomic arrangement and orbital rearrangement at interfaces of inorganic (e.g., oxide and metal) and organic (e.g., polymer) superlattices for MTJ-interface engineering
  5. Energy-efficient spin(magnetization) switching in ferromagnetic nanostructures (by spin transfer torques and spin orbit torques) for ultralow-energy magnetic memory and logic devices

POSTECH 반도체기술융합센터, 박사후연구원

Byeong Hyeok Kim, Ph. D

Post Doctor, CSTC, POSTECH

Research Interest

Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

  • Oxide-based Optoelectronic Devices
  • 2D-Oxide Optoelectronic Materials

POSTECH 전자전기공학과, 연구교수

Hyeon Jun Hwang, Ph. D

Research Professor, EE, POSTECH

Research Interest

  1. Device integration and NEM swith modeling
  2. Electrical Characterization
  3. Graphene-Ferroelectric Material Device Fabrication
  4. Graphene-Piezoelectric Material Device Fabrication
  5. Graphene-ZnO Barristor Device Fabrication

POSTECH 반도체기술융합센터, 연구기능원

Ki Sung Kim

Research Staff, CSTC, POSTECH

Administrative Team

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